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Kiser Financial Solutions Advisors help clients navigate the transitions and stages of their lives. A Charlotte NC area Financial Advisor and Business Management firm, we draw on the expertise and experience of our  professionals to help you feel confident that you are on the right path. We round out this expertise and experience with a commitment to serving you personally and professionally.

Our Expertise

At Kiser Financial we care about empowering business owners, sustainable development and making a difference. Sometimes we are a coach and trainer helping a business get better and sometimes we are a matchmaker finding the right partner, investor or distributor. We help companies grow, improve and make major impact.

Our Commitment to Results

Dependable, sustainable, impeccable results, over time are the only results that consistently and credibly matter. Our objectivity and unbiased nature of advice proves time and time again that it’s not always about the income, but rather it’s always about the outcome. 

Our Tax Services

Our firm is full service and open 12 months a year. The tax preparation services are unlike other tax services that use preparers who are often lacking proficiency, experience and are not up to date with current tax law and changes in the tax law. Kiser stays up to date on the business changes that concern you.

Our Experience

Kiser Financial Solutions LLC has been in business for 10 plus years, and we bring our behind-the-scenes knowledge of the banking & financial world to our clients without the hassle of banking jargon with easy to understand one on one guidance. Kiser Financial Solutions LLC is BBB Accredited and holds numerous Government Certifications.

Filling Out Tax Form

We Get It Done Right For You!

Kiser helps you to file your taxes, apply for a company registration and much more. Do it yourself or let our experts help you.

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Lucy Taylor

President & CEO

Phone: 704-712-5462

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